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"Andrew Kennedy developed, produced and starred in his very own television pilot for CBS, which was based on his life and comedy. His half-hour "Comedy Central Presents" special was voted one of the network's top 20 and most recently, he taped his first Dry Bar comedy special.  

This Actor, writer and comedian was born in Bogota, Colombia to a Colombian mother and British father. Andrew grew up traveling the world, which gives him unique insight into people and culture. After spending two years in Colombia the family moved to Puerto Rico (for "stability" he claims...) Venezuela came four years later and Hong Kong three years after that. Apparently his father got fired a lot. The family moved to the United States for one year. Back to Venezuela for two more and finally settled down in the iconic town of New Canaan, CT which in 1980 had no diversity at all...

Andrew has done a lot during his two decades in showbusiness. He developed, produced and starred in a CBS pilot based on his comedy and life, titled: Related by Marriage, The all-star cast included Rita Moreno (playing Andrew's mother) John Ratzenberger, Julia Duffy, (the late) Ann Guilbert, Christa Miller (who played his wife) and Henry Goodman. Later that same year he recorded his Comedy Central special at the Hudson Theater in New York. That comedy special was voted one of the network's top twenty (two consecutive years!) Most recently he has recorded his first comedy album, at the legendary Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club in San Antonio, Texas. Since Andrew is 1/16th Black, the album is appropriately titled: Andrew Kennedy -Almost Black. Television performances include appearances on TBS, Univision, Fusion Network, Telemundo, Bravo, PBS and now as spokesperson for Conn's Home Plus appearing in hundreds of commercials across 11 states. He has well over two decades of "live" performance experience around the globe. From Lincoln Center to London, Dubai, Amsterdam, Kilkenny, Bogota and soon to include Hong Kong (where he lived as a child for almost three years)


He often jokes about what his father actually did for a living. Wondering if in fact Malcolm Kennedy was involved with  British Secret Intelligence. But undoubtedly this worldly upbringing, combined with his unique ethnic background positions him perfectly to bridge the many cultural boundaries dividing people in America today. Half White. Half Latino. One 16th Black. Andrew asks all to learn one simple lesson "-Don't judge a book by it's cover..."     

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